Meeting Famous People

I have had such great opportunities to meet many famous people in my life. Most I have pictures with, but some I don't. Here are just a few!

I met the great show business "King," Wayne Newton when he played the Richmond, Mosque. My Mother, Grandmother and two Aunts had met him a few times in Las Vegas. He is also a descendant of an Indian tribe from Virginia. As a fellow performer, I was pleased and amazed to watch this man play everything from a banjo to a violin. He was a great performer and even at one point in his show, put down his microphone and sang accapella. He was so amazingly loud and clear. He is a gracious man and a terrific performer.

When I worked in radio in Richmond, Virginia, I met so many great people, including Corey Hart. I met him briefly in the hallway between interviews. He was very nice but I was surprised at his height. I always thought he was taller!

When I participated in the World Tobacco Harvest Jubilee Pageant, the event had some big performers. As part of the event, I was a contestant in the pageant. We were able to meet many great people in the Danville area as well as the stars headlining the festival. We met Vicki Byrd and Vince Gill (but I wasn't able to get copies from the photographer). We also met Pam Tillis and Willie Nelson. All the performers put on a great show that weekend and we were happy to be a part of it!

Being a Trekkie, you also become interested in the actor's other projects. Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise but many may not know that he is a classicly trained actor. He is famous for his one man show, The Christmas Carol. I was skeptical at first but left amazed and in awe of his abilities. My friend and I went to dinner and hours later on the way back to the car we passed the theatre. We happened to overhear that Mr. Stewart would be out shortly. I begged my friend to stay a few more minutes so that I could possible meet Mr. Stewart. I got a great spot by the door and when he came out, I asked him, "Mr. Stewart, may I please take a picture with you?" He seemed so shocked that someone would actually ask that way! He said of course and also signed my program. I thanked him and he went on his way. It certainly was a great way to end the evening!

During my times with the U.S.O., I was able to attend many functions in New York. At those functions, I was able to meet, Lesley Stahl, Audrey Meadows and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. It was quite exciting and I was honored.

When I was Ms. Petite International Connecticut, I participated in the Warner Theatre Country Music Festival in Torrington, Connecticut. At the concert, I appeared with Miss Warner Theatre and Miss Greater Torrington. We were able to go on stage and present a guitar to a lucky fan that had been signed by the bands. We met Diamond Rio and Sawyer Brown. They were all so very nice and happy to sign my banner and to pose for photos.

I met Chris Isaak and his band The Silvertones at the Richmond Mosque. They were there for an XL102 sponsored concert. It was when I had first started singing and I was able to tell Chris that I actually was learning by singing with his music. They were all so very nice. I ended up talking with their wardrobe mistress for most of the night and took her and Chris Isaak's brother (who was selling souvenirs out front) back to the hotel. They were so nice and down to earth. We hung out in the restaurant for a little while as everyone unwound from the show and then I sadly said my goodbyes.

One of my favorite bands happens to be the Smithereens. When they appeared in New Britain, Connecticut, I was lucky enough to be right up front. Afterwards, I had the chance to tell them how much I loved their work and thanks for putting on a great show.

In New Haven, Connecticut, I was pleased to meet soap superstar ____________, that plays Ryan Lavery on the long-running soap, All My Children. Even though he is a "hot commodity," he still took the time to talk to me about his acting coach in Manhattan. I took his advice and got some great coaching.

70's superstar Leif Garrett was in Hartford, Connecticut for a play. I was out to dinner with friends and we met him in the restaurant. He was there with the producers and we sat and chatted for a few minutes. They were all very nice and he was so nice to pose for this photo.

This summer, I was a worked with Country 92.5 for the day at the annual Country Music Fest at the Big E in Massachusetts. It was a very hot day and there were many great performers. We were able to meet a few up and coming stars but only got to take pictures of Tricia Yearwood.