Miss New England


Singing "SMILE"

After awards

Exchanging gifts

Susan, Kimberley and me

Group photo


Christina, me, Merissa, and Kimberley

Surprise and happiness!


My first walk!

Congratulations From Merissa and Kimberley

On the boardwalk

Meeting Mrs. Wayne

Future "Miss New England?"

Old friends

Boardwalk Beauties

Miss New England

Southern Beauties

Christina and Robert

The big weekend is finally here at the Worcester, Massachusetts Holiday Inn, August 7-8, 1996. The Director, Christina Couto, welcomes us and tells us what to expect.

For the optional talent competition, I chose to sing a song special to my heart, "Smile."

I was awarded First Runner-Up in the Talent competition.

That evening, we had a little get together and gift exchange. To my left is my friend and fellow Liberty Miss Kimberley Lode, have just returned the week before from a tour overseas performing for our military.

Susan Lopes, Kimberley and I are all smiles as we're prepared to go in for the interview portion.

We took time for a group shot before our interviews.

Here I am in the introduction portion of the pageant.

Before the announcement of the winners, we take a break for a photo and share a sigh of relief.



I am so happy and surprised as Christina announces my name as the new Miss New England 1996!






Miss New England 1995, Cynthia Mangazini crowns me as the second Miss New England.


Here I am on my first walk. I am so happy and honored.

After the crowning, my friend and Miss Constitution, Merissa Starnes, helps me adjust the crown as my friend and First Runner-Up, Kimberley Lode, looks on.

One of the first exciting things I got to do was to go to Miss America with Christina and Robert. Here I am on the Boardwalk in front of the famous Atlantic City Convention Center that has played host to Miss America for many years.

I also had the chance to meet the wife of Bernie Wayne, songwriter of the famous "Blue Velvet" and "There She Is, Miss America." I also was able to share with her that I was honored to have been judged by Mr. Wayne at the Miss Richmond America pageant a few years ago.



We went to the mall together and met this future Miss New England!


Afterwards, we walked the famous Boardwalk and there I met an old friend and photographer from Richmond, Virginia.




He took these great photos for us. A group photo of our Queens and...





then a solo shot of me enjoying the ocean breeze!






He also sent me this shot of the Southern Queens. It's their annual traditional photo.

Christina, Robert and I head to Planet Hollywood for some food and great fun.


While we eating, I looked up and noticed two couples coming into the restaurant. I told

Christin and Robert that it was two former Miss Americas - Kimberly Aiken and Heather Whitestone! They thought I was crazy - then I went over and asked and it was them. They were very gracious and posed for a couple of photos. I introduced myself to their future husbands and then we left them! Christina and Robert believed me now!


We had a great time and I was so happy to have shared the Miss America experience with them.


My year was great and filled with many appearances and great fun!