Ms. Petite Int'l CT
1994-1995 & 1996-1997


Upon receiving the title of Ms. International Petite Connecticut (yes, the state titles are backwards from the international title) I set to work making appearances.


My first appearances came over Memorial Day Weekend in Torrington, Connecticut. The Warner Theatre Country Music Festival was a huge draw. Miss Warner Theatre, Carole Zublena, Miss Greater Torrington, Heather Valenti, and I got up on stage to in front of a huge crowd to pick the winner. We also got to present the guitar which was signed by the bands.

A member of Sawyer Brown and I clown around about our matching purple cowboy boots!

I also had the bands sign my "temporary banner."


Another big draw that weekend is the large parade. I appeared with the local D.A.R.E. car.


July 4th weekend I appeared in Groton at one of the state's largest parades. I rode with the Grand Marshall from the Groton Naval Base. Also there were Ms. Connecticut Sr. and the newly crowned Miss Connecticut America 1994, Mary Grace Santagata.



I also went to the Connecticut All American Boy and Girl Pageant where Carole Zublena won the title.

The town of Naugatuck was celebrating it's Sesquicentennial and I was so proud to be a part of the celebrations. I participated in one of their many events - a parade! I got to ride in this great car!

I met so many wonderful people that day. I posed with the D.A.R.E. car, a local Brownie Troop, and a senior group in old-fashioned clothing.


My next stop was to judge the Miss Rhode Island Pre-Teen Pageant for Christina Couto. (I know the picture isn't that great, but hey, it's another memory! That's me on the far left.)


I was honored to emcee and perform at two local fair pageants. Here I am with the winner and the outgoing queen of the Miss Lebanon Fair Pageant.


I also had a great afternoon at the Preston Fair Pageant and got to sing "Stuff Like That There."

The Ms. Petite International Pageant was supposed to happen that fall but unfortunately was postponed until the next January. When January finally rolled around, I was so grateful to be going to a nice warm spot! I made it to my plane with minutes to spare because of a morning blizzard! It sure was a change to arrive in the Ixtapa area of Mexico!

Our first night there we had a photo shoot out by the pool. It was so beautiful there and we were so lucky to have Ixtapa as our host city for the first week!

Later on that evening, we had a "pajama party" orientation where we exchanged gifts from our state or country.

Up and running the next day - a hectic, but fun, appearance schedule. We had breakfast at our host hotel and then walked next door to meet the hotel management.

They also let us pose on this neat pool bridge. We head back to our beautiful host hotel, the Sheraton Ixtapa, to relax for a few minutes and change before heading out.

Ms. Illinois and I share a giggle on the bus.

We are taken to a lovely spot called the Punta Marina. As you can see, the view was amazing.

Later, we had great food and fun at Senor Frogs. Ms. Mexico, Maria De La Torres, and I plant kisses on one of the Ms. Puerto Rico Directors.

We also spent time in Ixtapa on the beach for a photo shoot for one of our sponsors, Hawaiian Tropic. A famous Latin television show, Ritmo Latino, covers some of our events. Here they are at the beach with us. That evening, we went to a local disco where we participated in a dance contest. I won and my picture was featured in the newspaper the next day.

We're up early the next day to say goodbye to Ixtapa and ready ourselves for a long bus ride to Acapulco, our pageant host city. Upon arrival, we head over to the convention center for rehearsal but there is time for a quick photo in front of our host hotel, Fiesta Americana Condesa. Ms. Virginia, myself and Ms. Florida pose outside the convention center.

That night we leave the hotel for another night of dinner, dancing and fun. Five beauties in a row! We laughed at our "black & white" theme. Ms. Mexico, Ms. Louisiana, Ms. Illinois, Ms. Kansas and me.


Ms. Kansas takes a break with her hubby that came all the way to Mexico to support her!

We were introduced at the disco that night and welcomed to Mexico.

The next morning, we had a press conference and bathing suit contest at our host hotel. That's me right in the middle! (This photo courtesy of the pageant.)

Later that evening, we were treated to some authentic Mexican culture at a local show. Afterwards, we headed to another disco for a legs contest. Here is another group shot with the management as we prepare to leave.

The next day is full with rehearsals. Later that evening, we are taken to dinner and to a La Crosse event. Before we leave, I have a chance to get a photo with the outgoing Ms. Petite International, Anthonia Dotson. Ms. Nebraska, Ms. Missouri and I rub the mascot's belly for good luck! After the game, we get a photo with the La Crosse team.

The big night is finally here and we're all so excited. We are all wearing costumes that represent our state or nation. I introduce myself - "From the Yankee Doodle Dandy state of Connecticut, I am Kimberly White." I follow up with a salute. When the time came to announce the Top 12 - we ended up with a tie! So now there was a Top 13 - and I was one of them! I was so excited!

We first change into our interview suits. Our emcees are great during our on-stage interview. A former Miss Universe competitor is there to also serve as an interpreter. One of the judges asks me from the audience "if I could say it in Spanish as well." All I could do is smile and wonder why he said that as a judge. We next move on to swimsuit competition and evening gown.




By the time we get to Top 5 - there is another tie! So they picked Top 6 and when the show is over, Ms. Puerto Rico has been announced as the new Ms. Petite International. She is the one in red. I am on the right side the first person in the back row.


Afterwards, we went to the local disco for the after party. I was able to catch a photo with our co-host and former Miss Universe competitor. The next day, I was sad to leave all my new friends and the beautiful country of Mexico behind.



My appearances continued at home. I judged the Miss Connecticut Sweetheart pageant and the Miss Rhode Island National Teenager pageant.



I also appeared with old friends, The Liberty Misses, at the Newington VA Hospital. The Veterans were great and we had fun. I was pleased to be able to entertain our Veterans at the end of our show by joining in "God Bless The U.S.A."


I congratulated Wanda Gonzales just moments after her crowning as Miss Connecticut U.S.A.

I participated in a Christmas variety show in Wallingford, CT. The hostess, Rodican Rose, asked Miss Connecticut 1995, Amy Zappone, Miss Wallingford, Rebekah George and I to sing along with her for "Winter Wonderland." Afterwards, Rebekah and I signed autographs and took photos with the kids.


It is now the end of a long, but happy, reign and I am thrilled to pass the title on to a friend, Kimberley Lode. As I had followed Dawn Kendall, this now makes the third Liberty Miss in a row to hold the title! She is congratulated by Miss Constitution, Merissa Starnes.