Ms. Petite Int'l CT
1994-1995 & 1996-1997


As most of us usually are when bitten by the "pageant bug," I wanted to compete again. So...I took on the title of Ms. Petite CT again! My friend and photographer, Don Roudi, took these photos for me.

This year's pageant was taking place in Houston, Texas. That evening we had a pajama party at the host hotel where we exchanged contestant gifts. Two CT companies gave me great gifts: mini clocks from Timex and bodywash with poufs from Jergens.

But I was looking forward to it for more than one reason. My old friend from the Miss Virginia America pageant was there! We were hugging and crying and talking a mile a minute! It was so strange for the other contestants. They were wondering how two competitors from far away (CT & NC) could know each other. Stephania (pronounced Stephanie) was as beautiful as ever and gave me her official photo as a present.



The next morning we met in the lobby before we went to the water park for a photo and video shoot. We were having so much on the bus getting to know each other!

The staff of Adventure Bay Water Theme Park gave us a warm welcome on such a warm day.

First, we had a bathing suit contest and media shoot.

Our pageant videographers had us do some fun things for our video. Some of us were in the water tubes and some were in the pool. This shot was fun as well.

We all laid back in our chair and as the videographer ran by, we would sit up and smile at the camera. Kind of like a ripple effect.


Ritmo Latino was once again back and filming the pageant. I talked with the host and told him I remembered him from Mexico. Although I didn't speak Spanish, I did know a little Italian. So, when the cameras were rolling, he let me introduce myself in Italian and then interviewed me in English for the show.


Our next stop was the theatre where Stephania and I did a little catching up in between rehearsing.


After rehearsal, we headed back to the hotel for a quick freshen up and then it was out for a country night of dinner and dancing. Ms. Arizona and Stephania are all ready to go but Stephania and I show them how to "glam-slam-ham" Virginia style!




Renee and I take a quick photo in front of a sign welcoming us to dinner!


"So Renee, how do you like your taste of southern barbecue and hospitality?"

We are all smiles as we enjoy the food and fun. "Isn't this better than the Bahamas?"

After dinner, the Director, Kathy Wheatley, and her staff took us out to a local hotspot for country dancing.

The next morning we are up bright and early for rehearsal. Ms. West Virginia and I show off our hats and boots.




Renee and I take time to get to know Ms. Teen Brazil. We had a great time even though her English was limited.


We were all having a great time in our black t-shirts which were a gift. Each shirt had an embroidered crown and our title. I am trying to call out for room service.

We head back for the hotel and Renee and I decide to have a little glamour evening before dinner.


"Uh, Renee, isn't that supposed to go under your dress?"


Renee and I were always having fun and that evening was no exception. We were invited to a cocktail social where we would meet the judges. Before we get there, Renee decides to "lock out the competition."


It was so nice to see old friends again - like the Ms. Virginia & North Carolina Director.

It was so nice to also get a chance to talk to the outgoing Ms. Petite International.



The next day, we head back to the theatre for our dress rehearsal. Renee and I show off our "six shooter" style in our opening number outfits.



That evening on the bus we try to shake out our nerves and have some fun. Tonight is our preliminary competition and the announcement of the new Ms. Petite Teen International.



Wishing the teen contestants good luck - starting with Utah and Louisiana!


When the night was over, Ms. Teen Brazil had placed in the Top 5.


The next night is here fast and I decide to get one last shot before we go on stage. I surprise Stephania but Renee is busy holding onto her lucky charm.

When the night began, we had another tie for a Top 13! Ms. GA won the title. I am in the back row, 3rd from left.

One last shot before we pack up and leave the stage...

My best friend Arvon happened to be living in Texas at the time and he came to the pageant to support me. Ms. Puerto Rico, Tilky Morales, and I are all smiles after the pageant and proud of our Top 7 finish! (We were told by the Directors that there was a point between us all and that I was 7th.)



Back at the hotel, my new sisters decided it was too early and we decided to explore a little of Houston. Ms. Alabama, Ms. Tennessee and I are out on the town!


The pageant was over but we had all made such great friends!

My friend Arvon took me to Austin to see the capital building before I left for Connecticut.


I appeared at the Milford Oyster Festival with photographer Catherine Fiehn. I was so happy to be there taking pictures, signing autographs and enjoying the fun. And all of that after breaking my toe that morning! Oh well, wrap the toe and the show must go on!



I had another great year as Ms. Petite International Connecticut.