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Kimberly White-Geremia

Guest Performer at America's Yankee Miss National Pageant As a multi-faceted person, I have had the honor to be involved with many productions, pageant and otherwise.

As a Producer and Executive Director for a Miss Connecticut America preliminary, a few of the duties included recruiting contestants, securing a complimentary location for our non-profit pageant, publicity, securing sponsors for the scholarships, dinner for the judges, ads for the programs, as well as sound and tech crew. Along with those duties, there was the preparation of the contestant for Miss Connecticut America (which is where the "Training" crown comes into focus.)
On the Production Staff of the 1999 Miss CT 
pageant with the Emcees and the newly crowned Miss CT, Sylvia Gomes. As a Script Producer and Emcee Liaison for two years at Miss Connecticut America, I had the chance to work with some of the top professional s in the business at Foxwood's Resort and Casino and the Miss Connecticut America Production team under the direction of Jeff Michaels of Musical Creations.

With the troops in Kuwait, Christmas, 1998

My performance experience also extends itself into the production arena. As Executive Director for The Liberty Misses and later Co-Executive Director for The Glory Girls, all phases of production have come into play such as, but not limited to: Choreography, Singing, Musical Selections, Website Production, Video Production, Marketing, Finance, Working with the U.S.O. and Department of Defense to plan 4 out of the 6 overseas tours and much, much more!

Glamour Girls at Milford Oyster Festival - August, 2003 In addition to this singing and dancing experience, I have been a performer on the dinner river boat, The Annabel Lee, in Richmond, Virginia. I am also a performer with the girl group "The Glamour Girls."
Cast from Guys and Dolls - September, 2002

My performance experience reaches far beyond the boundaries of singing and dancing. I also am an trained actress that has performed in lead roles such as Adelaide of "Guys and Dolls" at Seven Angels Theatre and I toured as the lead for Richmond Theatre Company in "Mother Nature's Spectacular Seasons."

I've also been involved in many regional theatre productions such as "The King and I," "The Sailing of The Bonnie Anne" and "Hello Dolly" to name a few.

Some of my awards include: Multi-Nominee and Winner "Best Emcee" in Miss Connecticut America preliminaries; Multi-Nominee and Winner "Best Guest Performer" in Miss Connecticut America preliminaries; Multi-Nominee and Winner "Best Script" in Miss Connecticut America preliminaries; Multi-Nominee and Winner for "Best Show Theme" and "Show Choreography" (co-win)

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