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Kimberly White-Geremia

Head shot by Catherine Fiehn

Someone once told me, "A good representative makes a good teacher."

Miss Colonial Heights 1991 - Autumn Harvest Parade in Richmond, Virginia


As a pageant winner myself, I can offer each contestant an inside view of the pageant world.

From interviews with the judges, to on-stage presence, to talent preparation, platform preparation as well as promotion of yourself and your platform.

I have an extensive network of professionals that can help you take the "Triple Crown!" I work closely with a salon owner and stylist that helped groom and prepare many Miss Connecticut's for Miss America. A personal trainer to offer any nutritional and fitness information you may need. A full size studio with a tanning bed offers a private place to rehearse your talent, modeling and much more.

In the Triple Crown family are many friends that can help prepare you for your win!

  Here are just a few of the contestants I have worked with:
    2nd runner up to Miss West Virginia America (won Miss WV the next year).
    Miss Constitution, 5th Runner up (tie at state) to Miss Connecticut America (won Miss CT the next year).
    Miss Chesterfield America (VA) (Non-Finalist Talent Winner)
    Miss Greater Torrington America (CT) (Top 10)
    Miss Wallingford America (CT)
    Miss Greater Newington America (CT)
    Miss Quinnipiac America (CT) (Top 10)
    Miss Teen Royal America (National Title Winner)
    Miss Teen Hemisphere (National Title Winner)

Miss New England 1996 - on the Atlantic City Boardwalk before Miss AmericaMs. International Petite Connecticut

The FIRST Ms. Royal America!

Some of the titles I've won include:
    Miss Sunburst of Richmond
    Miss Sunburst Sportswear of Richmond
    Miss Sunburst Model of Richmond
    Miss Sunburst Bathing Beauty of Virginia
    Miss Colonial Heights America 1991
(won interview, talent, swimsuit and evening gown with question)
    Miss Vinton Dogwood Festival America 1992(won interview, talent, swimsuit and evening gown with question)
    Top 10 at Miss Virginia America
    Top 10 at Miss Virginia World
    Ms. International Petite Connecticut
    Top 13 at Ms. Petite International 1994
    Top 13 at Ms. Petite International 1996 (placed 7th) (high score interview)
    Miss New England 1996 (National Title) (won interview)
    Miss New England Talent 1996 (National Title)
    America’s Yankee Ms. 1999 (National Title)
    America’s Yankee Ms. Talent 1999 (National Title)
    Ms. Royal America 2001(National Title) (won interview)
    Ms. Massachusetts American United States 2003 Top 10 at Nationals
    Ms. U.S. of America Pageant 2004 - Ms. title, 1st Runner-Up
    Couto Anniversary Pageant 2005 - Ms. title, 1st Runner-Up
    Couto Anniversary Pageant 2005 - Talent Title
    Mrs. Connecticut America Pageant 2006 - 3rd Runner-Up
    Mrs. Atlantic Shores 2007(National Title) (won interview)
    Mrs. Connecticut International 2007
    Ms. All American Talent 2007(National Title) (1 point from perfect)
    All American Pageant - Mrs. title, 2nd Runner-Up; Ms. title, 1st Runner-Up.
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Runner-Up positions in many pageants

Outside of pageants, I have professional experience in singing, dancing, acting and much more!


Let me help you reach the "Triple Crown!"

(Check back soon for more exciting information!)

Contact me to see what exciting ideas I can add to your pageant!

Kimberly White-Geremia
(203) 704-0450
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